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Virtual Blue1 Frequently Asked Questions

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Discussion Forum

Do I have to register before I can take part in discussions on these forums?

Yes, Virtual Blue1 Discussion Forums require you to register before you can post in any threads. Registration is fast, easy and free.

Joining as a pilot

How do I become a Virtual Blue1 pilot?

You may join Virtual Blue1 when our pilot recruiting is open. This happens about four times per year and will be advertised in advance.

Can I join outside of a pilot recruiting session?

We do not generally allow new pilots to join outside of the recruitment times. However, all applications will be considered and exceptions may be granted in special circumstances.

When will the next pilot recruiting happen?

The next recruiting will be advertised in this forum, in our news pages and also on the FSNordic discussion board.


What kind of training programme does Virtual Blue1 have?

New pilots begin with a basic training followed by some training in their chosen aircraft type.
I. Basic training
The basic training manual is for the King Air 350 aircraft and covers basic flight theory, the aircraft instrumentation, operating procedures, navigation, weather planning and radio phraseology.
II. Practice flights
The basic training contains a number of mandatory practice flights and also a couple of optional flights af which at least one should be attempted. FSAcars should be used to record the training flights.
III. Practical test
As a practical test of flight skill, new pilots are required to fly a specific short route and record it with the FS video function. This is checked by the administration before the pilot can proceed to the next training stage.
IV. Theory exam
New pilots must also complete a short theory test on the website. This comprises 20 multiple choice questions and the pass level is 83 %.
V. Type training
Finally the new pilot moves onto type training for their chosen Blue1 aircraft type. This comprises some further theory and practice flights.

How much flight simulator experience do I need before I join?

Previous experience in a simulator is not necessary. Our education system is to train pilots, from beginning to end.

Misc. Questions

Can I also be a member of another virtual airline?

Basically, you may not without permission. However, we will consider each case and our position is usually to allow this as long as the pilot remains sufficiently active.

Why do you use FSAcars?

FSAcars is an easy to use free software for flight logging. It has many features and is not resource heavy on your system. FSAcars allows flight data to be easily recorded to our database and also shows 'live' flights in progress on our website.

Do I have to fly online?

Online flying is not mandatory but is highly recommended. Online traffic operations are much more realistic than those offline in the simulator. If you prefer to fly some or all of your flights offline then that is allowed.

Do I require payware add-ons?

Virtual Blue1 does not require pilots to purchase any software if they do not wish to. We make sure that all our aircraft are available as freeware. However, payware products are also supported and in some cases recommended when freeware of a comparable quality is not available. Also, we do have a collaborative agreement with Aerosoft, which allows us to recieve a discount on certain products, but this is currently limited to a few products and is only open to pilots with more than 25 hours logged flight time.


Do you still have more questions? Feel free to get in touch using the forum, the comments form or email any of the administrators. Our email addresses are of the form
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