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The Virtual Blue1 fleet consists of nine 115-seat Boeing 717-200, one 70-seat Bombardier CRJ-700ER, seven 80-seat British Aerospace Avro RJ85 and two 68-seat ATR-72-500 aircraft, with which we operate routes withing Finalnd, Scandinavia and beyond within Europe. The Boeing 717-200 aircraft use a new livery theme 'Flowing', in conjunction with Aalto University. Each aircraft has a different design and colouring, while maintaining the traditional blue, silver and white Blue1 logos; each also have a water themed name. In addition, Virtual Blue1 Cargo uses two British Aerospace Avro RJ100QT freighters.


Boeing B717-200

Number in Service:  9
Seating:  115
Aircraft Length:  37.80 m
Aircraft Height:  8.87 m
Wingspan:  28.47 m
Wing Surface Area:  93.00 m²
Engines:  2 x RR BR715-A1-30
Thrust (each):  18 500 lbf
Max Takeoff Weight:  54 880 kg
Maximum Speed:  835 km/h
Max Cruise Altitude:  37 000 ft
Maximum Range:  2 815 km

The Boeing 717-200 was designed for the short-haul, high-frequency 100-passenger airline market. The program was launched in 1995, and the airplane quickly became renowned by customers for its excellent economics, performance and reliability.

Final assembly of the 717 took place the Long Beach, California, facility, where Boeing built a total of 156 717s until production ended in 2006. The launch customer, AirTran Airways of Orlando, Florida, took delivery of the first 717 in September 1999. Based on the Douglas DC-9 and launched as the McDonnell Douglas MD-95, the aircraft was renamed the Boeing 717 after McDonnell Douglas and Boeing merged in 1997.

The aircraft is powered by two BMW Rolls-Royce BR715 engines with options for 18 500 lbf or 21 000 lbf thrust variants. The 717 features a two-crew cockpit that incorporates six interchangeable liquid-crystal-display units and advanced Honeywell VIA 2000 computers. The cockpit design is called Advanced Common Flightdeck (ACF) and is shared with the MD-11. Flight deck features include an Electronic Instrument System, a dual Flight Management System, a Central Fault Display System, and Global Positioning System. Category IIIb automatic landing capability for bad-weather operations and Future Air Navigation Systems are available.


Bombardier CRJ700ER

Number in Service:  
Seating:  70
Aircraft Length:  32.51 m
Aircraft Height:  7.57 m
Wingspan:  23.24 m
Wing Surface Area:  70.61 m²
Engines:  2 x GE CF34-8C5B1
Thrust (each):  12 670 lbf
Max Takeoff Weight:  34 000 kg
Maximum Speed:  876 km/h
Max Cruise Altitude:  41 000 ft
Maximum Range:  3 200 km

The Canadian built Bombardier CRJ aircraft joined the Virtual Blue1 fleet in early 2014 with the introduction of one CRJ700ER, which covers similar routes to the Boeing 717-200 and replaces the aging MD-90-30. The smaller CRJ200 aircraft and related variants have already sold 630 worldwide and are manufactured in Mirabel, Montréal. The first flight was on 27th May 1999.

The CRJ700ER aircraft serve well in Scandinavia and Europe for feeder traffic. Simplicity of operation and suitable size variants have made the type appealing to a number of international airlines in the core network. The CF34-8C5B1-engined ER variant with the maximum speed of 876 km/h offers up to 3 200 km radius of operation.

The GRJ NextGen family's advanced avionics provide a 6-screen glass cockpit featuring the Rockwerll Collins Proline IV integrated avionics suite. Its robust open architecture delivers reliable performance with growth capability to meet future requirements. Every inch of the CRJ has been carefully considered to maximise efficiency and passenger comfort. The advanced NextGen cabin offers new overhead bins to accommodate more baggage, and new lighting and window design increased light and contribute to an overall enhanced sense of spaciousness.


British Aerospace Avro RJ85

Number in Service:  7
Seating:  84
Aircraft Length:  28.55 m
Aircraft Height:  8.61 m
Wingspan:  26.40 m
Wing Surface Area:  77.30 m²
Engines:  4 x ALF 507
Thrust (each):  7 000 lbf
Max Takeoff Weight:  42 000 kg
Maximum Speed:  750 km/h
Max Cruise Altitude:  35 000 ft
Maximum Range:  2 300 km

The 84-seat British Aerospace Avro RJ85 was manufactured 1992-2003, and is used by Virtual Blue1 on short trunk routes. The RJ85 is a modification of the original BAe146 (1983-1992). RJ is derived from the abbreviation of the term "Regional Jet", which aptly describes the intended use of the airplane.

The Avro was marketed as the "Whisperjet" as it is exceptionally quiet and therefore suitable for inner city airports. In 20 years, 387 aircraft were manufactured, making it one of the most successful aircraft in the history of UK civil aviation. The four engines and secondary air-brakes on the rear of the fuselage are some of the more famous features of this aircraft. The clam-shell air-brakes may be deployed in flight and allow the RJ85 to make steep approaches and land on short runways.

Low operating costs and simple design enable efficient operations. This aircraft type lost its popularity to its competitors in recent years, but the Virtual Blue1 it still has an important role as the backbone of our fleet.


ATR 72-500

Number in Service:  2
Seating:  68
Aircraft Length:  7.17 m
Aircraft Height:  7.65 m
Wingspan:  27.05 m
Wing Surface Area:  61.00 m²
Engines:  2 x PW127F
Thrust (each):  2475 shp
Max Takeoff Weight:  22 500 kg
Maximum Speed:  511 km/h
Max Cruise Altitude:  25 000 ft
Maximum Range:  1 320 km

The Franco-Italian manufactured ATR72-500 aircraft operates on Virtual Blue1 domestic and Scandinavian routes. The quiet and efficient twin-engine turboprop has a key role in short air routes to and from Helsinki.

The ATR 72-500 an extremely eco-friendly aircraft for its size class. Turboprop engines use significantly less fuel than their jet counterparts and therefore make less of an environmental impact. This also reduces the operating costs, which is always favourable towards passengers' budgets.

Our fleet has two ATR 72-500 aircraft, both of which are leased until the end of 2014. This aircraft type has proved to be very reliable in the cold winter climate of Finland. The natiojnal airline Finnair was the launch customer in October 1989. The newer -500 variant provides greater range and better features when operating to small fields. Over 600 have been manufactured and are in use throughout the world.


British Aerospace Avro RJ85QT

Number in Service:  2
Seating:  0 (cargo)
Aircraft Length:  31.00 m
Aircraft Height:  8.61 m
Wingspan:  26.40 m
Wing Surface Area:  77.30 m²
Engines:  4 x ALF 507
Thrust (each):  7 000 lbf
Max Takeoff Weight:  46 000 kg
Maximum Speed:  780 km/h
Max Cruise Altitude:  35 000 ft
Maximum Range:  2 750 km

Virtual Blue1 fleet information for individual aircraft

TypeRegistrationSeatsSELCALNameLogged Hours
Boeing 717-2CMOH-BLGCY115HK-ASBlue Flow1139:45
Boeing 717-2CMOH-BLHCY115HK-MRSummer Spring487:42
Boeing 717-2CMOH-BLICY115HK-PSSky Trickle645:33
Boeing 717-23SOH-BLJCY115NONEPearl Mist601:07
Boeing 717-23SOH-BLMCY115CP-JKSpring Rain882:53
Boeing 717-2K9OH-BLNCY115NONEStar Alliance410:41
Boeing 717-2K9OH-BLOCY115LP-AFForest Pond416:14
Boeing 717-23SOH-BLPCY115NONEStar Twinkle1051:48
Boeing 717-23SOH-BLQCY115NONEPlay of Waves400:16
Bombardier CRJ700EROH-BLXCY70NONE---92:17
British Aerospace Avro RJ85OH-SAJY84NONEPyhäselkä398:27
British Aerospace Avro RJ85OH-SAKY84NONENäsijärvi479:22
British Aerospace Avro RJ85OH-SALY84NONEOrivesi76:55
British Aerospace Avro RJ85OH-SAOY84NONEOulunjärvi179:05
British Aerospace Avro RJ85OH-SAPY84NONEPielinen89:16
British Aerospace Avro RJ85OH-SAQY84NONEInarijärvi29:56
British Aerospace Avro RJ85OH-SARY84NONESaimaa27:33
ATR 72-500SE-MDHY68NONE---70:25
ATR 72-500SE-MDIY68NONE---125:43
British Aerospace Avro RJ100QTOH-SAMCargoNONEPyhäjärvi06:13
British Aerospace Avro RJ100QTOH-SANCargoNONEPäijänne13:01

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