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On this page you can find news articles about Virtual Blue1. We will use this page to announce pilot recruiting or operational changes, as well as monthly reports and other information. You will also notice the lates headlines on our home page.


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04.12.2013 - Monthly Report: November 2013

In November 2013 our company operated total of 32 flights which counted 53 flight hours and 6 minutes.

The management team wishes you all happy Christmas time! Safe landings!

Tiedotus / Virtual Blue1


11.11.2013 - Yearly Report 2012-2013 is now published

Virtual Blue1 celebrates four year of successful operations. In the last twelve months we have logged over 950 flight hours from 586 flights and undergone a number of major changes. We have also realised many improvements to our web site and pilot services. Now, we embark on some major changes. Read more in our 2012-2013 yearly report which is published on our forum [link].

Tiedotus / Virtual Blue1


03.11.2013 - Monthly Report: October 2013

In October 2013, we operated total of 24 flights. In simulator our pilots spent 36 hours and 59 minutes.

During November we will publish our Yearly Report 2012-2013 to celebrate our fourth year in virtual skies. Stay tuned!

Tiedotus / Virtual Blue1


06.10.2013 - Monthly Report: September 2013

In September 2013 Virtual Blue1 operated total of 19 flights - 40 flight hours and 15 minutes in simulator.

We wish you a happy October!

Tiedotus / Virtual Blue1


27.09.2013 - Monthly Report: August 2013

In August 2013 Virtual Blue1 operated total of 34 flights. They accumulated 63 flight hours and 44 minutes in simulator. The amount is slight fewer than in previous month.

We expect that activity will increase during the autumn and winter time.

Tiedotus / Virtual Blue1


05.08.2013 - Monthly Report: July 2013

Virtual Blue1 operated 52 flights during the past month which was a refreshing amount of flights compared to the other summer months. Last time when the number of flights exceeded 50 was in April. Our pilots accumulated 85 flight hours and 40 minutes in simulator in July.

One reason to higher activity is the recent pilot recruitment and the new pilots that joined our company then. At the moment, in fact, we have 32 pilots flying for us.

We wish you a warm & sunny August!

Tiedotus / Virtual Blue1


08.07.2013 - Monthly Report: June 2013

June 2013 was quite quiet as we expected. Only 32 fligts were operated which gathered 53 flight hours for our 19 pilots.

We wish you a pleaseant and more active July!

Tiedotus / Virtual Blue1


04.07.2013 - Virtual Blue1 Summer Tour 2013

The Virtual Blue1 Summer Tour 2013 - Around the Top of the World takes pilots all the way around the world to exciting northern destinations. Starting in Finland, the tour includes Norway, Iceland, Greenland, Canada, Alaska and returns through Russia. These destinations are picked so as to be outside of the normal scope for Virtual Blue1 flights. This was you can fly our planes to completely new airports.

The tour will start on Friday 05.07.2013. More details for pilots can be found in the pilot`s area.

Tiedotus / Virtual Blue1


18.06.2013 - Pilot recruiting will be available in July!

Virtual Blue1 pilot recruiting will be available during the period 5.-7.7.2013. The application form can be found from the front page of our web site. We ask that applicants read on all the information before completing the application form. We will take in up to 20 applicants. If the places are all filled, the recruitment will be closed early. Otherwise, the application form will remain available until the end of the week. After submitting the form, you should receive an automatic email to confirm that we have saved your application. Will notify successful applicants in person by e-mail at the end of the recruiting.

We offer pilots a comprehensive package of material from the basics of flying through to type training. The purpose is to enable a hobby for beginners, without forgetting those with more experience. Each new pilot has two months to carry out our training package. We anticipate that the fastest undergo training in about two weeks. Basic training concludes with a simple practical demonstration flight and a short theory test.

More information can be found on our website.

Welcome aboard!

Tiedotus / Virtual Blue1


06.06.2013 - Monthly Report: May 2013

In May 2013 we operated total of 49 flights. Our pilots spent 71 hours and 24 minutes in simulator.

During the summer time it is normal that our activy decreases a bit. However, we do believe that activity will increase again once our pilot recruiting has been opened. So far, the excact date is still to be confirmed. We will inform you as soon as the date has been confirmed.

Tiedotus / Virtual Blue1


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