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On this page you can find news articles about Virtual Blue1. We will use this page to announce pilot recruiting or operational changes, as well as monthly reports and other information. You will also notice the lates headlines on our home page.


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10.05.2013 - Monthly Report: April 2013

In April 2013 Virtual Blue1s pilots operated total of 89 flights which is our monthly record since January 2012. In simulator we spent 135 hours and 14 minutes.

Recent pilot recruitment brought new blood to our company. Our schedules are cheered up by summer destinations and new route openings e.g. to Prague.

We except warm and active summer ahead. See you in the virtual skies!

Tiedotus / Virtual Blue1


08.04.2013 - Monthly Report: March 2013

In March 2013 we operated more flights than previous months. Our pilots logged total of 65 flights that includes 104 hours and 25 minutes in simulator.

During the past month couple of new pilots joined us through the pilot recruiting. Also our summer schedules are now effective so we have a plenty of new exciting destinations to discover, e.g. Prague in Czech Republic.

Welcome on board!

Tiedotus / Virtual Blue1


05.03.2013 - Monthly Report: February 2013

Virtual Blue1 operated 40 flights in February 2013. That includes 56 hours and 14 minutes in simulator.

Happy March!

Tiedotus / Virtual Blue1


13.02.2013 - Website Services Restored

The Virtual Blue1 Website is now fully functional again. Please report any bugs or unexpected behaviour.

Tiedotus / Virtual Blue1


12.02.2013 - Website Problems

Yesterday, our hosting provider 123-Reg gave us a free upgraded service. Unfortunately this has brought a lot of problems and errors in our databases and dispatch system. We apologise if the site is not working or displaying unexpected data.

Tiedotus / Virtual Blue1


07.02.2013 - Monthly Report: January 2013

In January 2013 we operated total of 46 flights which consist 71 hours and 54 minutes in simulator. We also had a pilot recruitment last weekend. We accepted two new pilots to fly our aircraft.

Virtual Blue1 wishes happy February!

Tiedotus / Virtual Blue1


06.02.2013 - Virtual Blue1 Winter Tour 2013

The Virtual Blue1 Winter Tour 2013 takes pilots to exciting destinations in Europe and North Africa full of new experiences and opportunities. These destinations are picked so as to be outside of the normal scope for Virtual Blue1 flights. This was you can fly our planes to completely new airports.

The tour will start on Friday 08.02.2013. More details for pilots can be found in the pilot`s area.

Tiedotus / Virtual Blue1


30.01.2013 - Pilot recruiting will open again in February!

Virtual Blue1 pilot recruiting will be available during the period 1.-3.2.2013. The application form can be found from the front page of our web site. We ask that applicants read on all the information before completing the application form. We will take in up to 20 applicants. If the places are all filled, the recruitment will be closed early. Otherwise, the application form will remain available until the end of the week. After submitting the form, you should receive an automatic email to confirm that we have saved your application. Will notify successful applicants in person by e-mail at the end of the recruiting.

Come fly the exciting new Boeing 717-200 in our fleet! This spring Blue1 (now SAS Finland) offers a new extended route network, which means the continuation of flights to Paris, Geneva and Prague! If you prefer some of the older types of aircraft from the recent history of Blue1, you can also join the retro operations.

We offer pilots a comprehensive package of material from the basics of flying through to type training. The purpose is to enable a hobby for beginners, without forgetting those with more experience. Each new pilot has two months to carry out our training package. We anticipate that the fastest undergo training in about two weeks. Basic training concludes with a simple practical demonstration flight and a short theory test.

More information can be found on our website.

Welcome aboard!

Tiedotus / Virtual Blue1


14.01.2013 - Saturday 19/01/2013 IVAO Crowded Skies 2013

This Saturday will see the largest annual IVAO online event. In the Crowded Skies event, we try to get as many users as possible onto the IVAO network from all over the world. The current record stands at 2303 simultaneous connections and over 9600 flights! Can we break the record this year..?

More information will be found at and

Geoff Cooper / Virtual Blue1


05.01.2013 - Monthly Report: December 2012

During December 2013 we operated 70 flights - total of 124 hours and 43 minutes in simulator.

Last month SAS informed about new routes from Helsinki to i.a. Prague and Paris. The new routes will be flown by Blue1 which means that they will become available for our pilots as well.

We wish you a happy new year!

Tiedotus / Virtual Blue1


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