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On this page you can find news articles about Virtual Blue1. We will use this page to announce pilot recruiting or operational changes, as well as monthly reports and other information. You will also notice the lates headlines on our home page.


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06.12.2012 - Monthly Report: November 2012

Virtual Blue1 operated total of 53 flights in November 2012. These flights counted 90 flight hours and 23 minutes to our pilots.

Last month Blue1 partly merged with SAS creating a subsidiary named SAS Finland. Along the merge, our flight numbers changed from KF to SK prefixed.

Another major news during November was the information about the financial situation of SAS. Luckily, they avoided bankrupcty in the nick of time when all trade unions signed new contracts. That means we will keep operating in future as well.

We would like to wish you a happy Finnish Independence Day and pleasant December!

Tiedotus / Virtual Blue1


14.11.2012 - Yearly Report 2011-2012 is now published

Virtual Blue1 celebrates three year of successful operations. In the last twelve months we have logged over 1400 flight hours from 795 flights and undergone a number of major changes. We have also realised many improvements to our web site and pilot services. Read more in our 2011-2012 yearly report which is published on our forum [link].

Tiedotus / Virtual Blue1


03.11.2012 - Monthly Report: October 2012

In October 2012, we operated 44 flights, in flight hours 83 hours and 30 minutes.

The numbers of operated flights have decreased a bit, maybe due to SASīs decision to partly merge Blue1 to itself during November. It is quite clear that Blue1 may be fully merged to SAS in future but at this very moment we will continue like before. However, we are monitoring Blue1īs situation with an magnifying glass.

Happy November!

Tiedotus / Virtual Blue1


31.10.2012 - Major Changes to Blue1

As of the 1st of November 2012, Blue1 will partially merge into the parent airline SAS. The trading name of Blue1 will remain as a means of selling tickets for SAS and the aircraft will operate in Blue1 colours with Blue1 crews. However, all flights are now operated for SAS and under SK flight numbers. We do not know to what extent Blue1 will remain as an independent airline as these changes continue in the future. However, the current intention of Virtual Blue1 is to continue to operate the same flights as Blue1 does for SAS. If Blue1 becomes totally dissolved into SAS then we will have to consider whether to continue this way or to become a totally `retro` virtual airline.

The change in flight numbering and callsigns will also affect the way Virtual Blue1 pilots log their flights, as the ICAO and IATA codes will change to SAS and SK. It is also likely that Blue1 operated flights will now operate with the `Scandinavian` callsign rather than the familiar `Bluefin`. We also do not know how this will impact on the flights operated for Blue1 by Golden Air. It seems likely that they will no longer be associated with Blue1 and so within Virtual Blue1 these flights may only be available to the retro section.

The current published Star Alliance timetable from which we take our timetable information has only just been updated to reflect the changes to SK flight numbers. For this reason, the callsign and flight number changes will not be implemented in the initial November timetable - we will continue with KF flight numbers for a short time. The new flight numbers will come into effect within November and further information will be posted prior to that.

Those virtual pilots operating within our retro section will be unaffected by these changes, although in the future some configuration changes may be required if the logging system is altered to accept SK flight numbers from the Acars software.

It will be sad if the Bluefin callsign and flight numbering system is removed completely. At least for now it seems that the fleet will be retained. We hope that the transition will not make difficulties / redundancies for Blue1 crews.

Tiedotus / Virtual Blue1


15.10.2012 - Pilot application closed

The pilot application is now closed. Total of 5 new pilots were accepted.

Tiedotus / Virtual Blue1


06.10.2012 - Welcome to our new website style!

Welcome to our new website style. We have added some new features; a destination guide and a special page for the retro fleet, as well as adding more details and features to many other areas of the site. In addition, inspired by the flowing theme used on the Blue1 Boeing 717-200 aircraft, we have revised the visual style of the website. As with any changes, there is always the possibility of bugs or mistakes, so please let us know if you spot anything that is incorrect.

Tiedotus / Virtual Blue1


05.10.2012 - Pilot Recruiting is now open

Virtual Blue1 Pilot Recruiting is now open. The application form can be found on the Pilot Recruiting pages and the recruitment will remain open for the whole weekend.

Welcome to all applicants!

Tiedotus / Virtual Blue1


01.10.2012 - Monthly Report: September 2012

During September 2012 we operated total of 60 flights and collected 123 hours and 49 minutes in simulator. Within the few last weeks we have made some major improvements to our regulations and services. We have also abandon from the fleet groups. All chages will be finally finished this week. After that we are ready to open pilot recruitment on Saturday, 6th October. There are ten spots available in our pilot roster. Welcome to join!

Flights between Helsinki and Oulu has discontinued today. The decision was made by Blue1 and we will follow that. Instead of that Blue1 has recently opened several new routes to Stockholm and Copenhagen from the smaller Finnish airports like Lappeenranta and Vaasa. The aim is serve more international destinations all around the world through the Scandinavian major cities on SASī wings. These changes in timetables are effective immediately in our timetables as well.

Tiedotus / Virtual Blue1


17.09.2012 - Next pilot recruiting will be opened on 6th October

Virtual Blue1īs next pilot recruiting will be opened on Saturday, 6th October 2012. The recruiting is open for a week. We will accept ten applications. New pilots will first go through the basic training section and then finish with the type training materials.

Welcome to join our company!

Tiedotus / Virtual Blue1


09.09.2012 - Monthly Report: August 2012

During August 2012 we operated total of 86 flights and spent 156 hours and 14 minutes in simulator. Figures are increasing after a long time. For example, compared to July 2012, we more than doubled our fligts.

By the reorganizations and changes we are trying to keep up activity and ensure continuity in future as well. At the moment we have 16 active pilots. The most popular aircraft type is Boeing 717-200.

We would like to wish you a very happy autumn!

Tiedotus / Virtual Blue1


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