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On this page you can find news articles about Virtual Blue1. We will use this page to announce pilot recruiting or operational changes, as well as monthly reports and other information. You will also notice the lates headlines on our home page.


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08.10.2011 - Like us on Facebook!

Virtual Blue1 is now on Facebook! Like us and you will get easily the latest news about us by Facebook.

Direct link:

Tiedotus / Virtual Blue1


02.10.2011 - Monthly Report: September 2011

During the early weeks of September our fleet modernisation was completed as the last of our British Aerospace Avro RJ85 aicrafts were returned to the lessor. From now, Blue1 flies only a Boeing 717-200 fleet.

Blue1 also decided to move their priority from business travelling to flights in Northern Europe, and that is why some routes to Central Europe were closed. In place of these, new fligths were announced between Scandinavian cities.

However, Virtual Blue1 wanted to remain an interesting virtual airline in future as well so we lauched retro operations. Retro operations are flown by our retired aircrafts (Avro RJ85 and McDonnell Douglas MD-90-30) and will be kept well separated from our regular operations. Timetables for these aircraft are based on 2010-2011 schedules.

Our own offical YouTube channel was published during the last days of the month. You will find here:

Total of 120 flights were operated. 222 hours and 1 minute were spent in simulator over the month. Virtual Blue1 wishes nice Autumn to everyone!

Tiedotus / Virtual Blue1


30.09.2011 - Check out our YouTube channel!

Virtual Blue1 has today joined YouTube. YouTube is international video sharing service and in future you will find our newest simulator videos there. Remember to subscribe our channel to stay up to date about simulator aviation!

Direct link to our YouTube channel:

Tiedotus / Virtual Blue1


29.09.2011 - The new Virtual Blue1 promo video 2011 available on our sites!

The new 2011 Virtual Blue1 promotional video is now ready to view on our homepage! You can also download HD versions.


Geoff Cooper / Virtual Blue1


03.09.2011 - Changes to Virtual Blue1 Staff

Due to the new fleet changes, the following administartive roles have now changed: Timo Poikela is now the McDonnell-Douglas MD90-30 Group Leader, Santeri Saikkonen takes over as the Boeing 717-200 Group Leader and Juho Mustaparta becomes the new ATR 72-500 Group Leader. ATR-72-500 is operated by Golden Air Flyg as well are Saab 2000 flights too. However, so far we haven\'t named Saab 2000 Group Leader.

Tiedotus / Virtual Blue1


03.09.2011 - Virtual Blue1 Launches Retro Fleet

As of today, the Blue1 fleet has been significantly reduced with the departure of the British Aerospace Avro RJ85 aircraft. However, while the Blue1 fleet shrinks, the Virtual Blue1 fleet is actually expanding!

The departure of the RJ85 from the current fleet coincides with the launch of a retro fleet for Virtual Blue1, comprising the RJ85 and MD90 aircraft that have formally been retired since we started our operations. Blue1 is going through some times of change and must cut routes and retire aircraft for economic reasons. Since we have no such restriction in the simulator, it would seem unwise to follow this trend if it might lead to a reduction in membership and interest.

This marks a change in direction for Virtual Blue1, but as always, our main focus will continue to be the current operations of Blue1, with the same aircraft as their current fleet; all retro operations will always be kept separated. By adding these additional aircraft, which will operate on timetables based on late 2010 - early 2011, in parallel to the current operations, we hope that we can cater for everybody; providing an up-to-date Blue1 and also a wider fleet and route choice for those that want it.

Tiedotus / Virtual Blue1


02.09.2011 - Monthly Report: August 2011

August 2011 was a little more active than July. Total of 158 flights were operated, in hours that was 273,5 hours. Compared to last year the number of our flights was doubled in August.

Very famous Summer Tour 2011 also ended in August. Our pilots visited inter alia in Ljubljana, Tirana, Minsk and Dublin. We got a lot of positive feedback so we have planned another tour for winter time.

Our PR department wishes a lovely autumn for everyone!

Tiedotus / Virtual Blue1


01.09.2011 - Blue1 Retires RJ85 Aircraft

The last Blue1 revenue flight with the British Aerospace Avro RJ85 aircraft will be today 2nd September 2011 - and will operate between Helsinki and Copenhagen (KF645 HEL 18:15 CPH 19:55 and KF646 : CPH 20:40 HEL 22:20).

Virtual Blue1 RJ85 pilots will mark this occasion with a group flight at the same time as the real flight is operated. After that, the aircraft will no longer be part of our current fleet.

Tiedotus / Virtual Blue1


01.08.2011 - Monthly Report: July 2011

July 2011 was quite quiet due summer but still we were able to double our flights which is excellent. Total of 137 flights were flown in simulator with 214 hours and three minutes.

Our popular Summer Tour continued and took our pilots to visit in Sarajevo, Ljubljana, Luxembourg and many many other destinations. As summer ends also Summer Tour ends and journey back to home has already began. On next Wednesday Boeing 717 aircrafts will reach Helsinki again flown by our experienced pilots.

Virtual Blue1 wishes happy starting autumn!

Tiedotus / Virtual Blue1


17.07.2011 - Pilot application closed

The pilot application is now closed. Total of 4 new pilots were accepted. All chosen pilots will receive an e-mail about their acceptanse on Monday.

Tiedotus / Virtual Blue1


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