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On this page you can find news articles about Virtual Blue1. We will use this page to announce pilot recruiting or operational changes, as well as monthly reports and other information. You will also notice the lates headlines on our home page.


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15.04.2011 - Pilot Recruiting is now open

Virtual Blue1 Pilot Recruiting is now open. The application form can be found on the Pilot Recruiting pages and the recruitment will remain open for the whole weekend.

Welcome to all applicants!

Geoff Cooper / Virtual Blue1


05.04.2011 - Virtual Blue1\'s Dispatch service was launched today

All real airlines have a flight dispatcher service; they are responsible for planning and monitoring the progress of an aircraft journey. At Virtual Blue1, we now have a virtual dispatcher service that handles a large proportion of your flight planning tasks automatically for you, and makes the flight details available to you on our website and also in a format that can be read directly into our ACARS software (FSAcars or XAcars).

The dispatcher service is integrated into all our flight rosters and timetables where you simply click a link to send the flight to the dispatcher. The system then calculates some random PAX and Cargo loads for you, picks a suitable flight route from the database and uses this and the overall aircraft weight to work out the estimated enroute time, recommended fuel loading and optimum flight level. It also finds you a suitable alternate airport and the latest METAR and TAF weather reports for your journey.

Payload details are available as copy-and-paste entries for adding directly to the aircraft.cfg file, and they are also given as weights to add via any load manager of your choice. Once you are ready to fly, all you need to do in order to fill in the details in FSAcars (or XAcars), is click a button, and all the data is collected directly from our databases!

We hope that this new service will provide a new level of realism, as well as convenience, to for Virtual Blue1 pilots.

Geoff Cooper / Virtual Blue1


31.03.2011 - Next Pilot Recruiting on Friday 15.04.2011 at 16:00 (Finnish local time)

Virtual Blue1 will open the next pilot recruiting on Friday 15.04.2011 at 16:00 Finnish time (13:00 UTC).

The pilot recruiting page can be found on our main site. All applicants should take the time to read the instructions carefully before submitting their application. The recruitment will close at the end of the weekend, or earlier if we recieve 20 valid applications, and we will inform the successful applicants by email afterwards.

Geoff Cooper / Virtual Blue1


27.03.2011 - Welkom in Amsterdam! event was held today

Welkom in Amsterdam! was Virtual Blue1\'s event which was held today on IVAO network. The event began 13:00 UTC. Our pilots flew together from Helsinki to Amsterdam and then back to Helsinki. Flying time is about two and half hours between Helsinki and Amsterdam. The event celebrated our re-opened route to Amsterdam. Also real world\'s Blue1 started operations to Amsterdam today.

Some screenshots can be found here:

Tiedotus / Virtual Blue1


20.03.2011 - Juho Mustaparta has started as our newest administaror

Juho Mustaparta has started work as our newest administrator. Juho will work as a timetable manager while Jesperi continues working as the IVAO Coordinator.

Virtual Blue1 warmly welcomes Juho to our staff!

Tiedotus / Virtual Blue1


14.03.2011 - We have accepted X-Plane on our flights

With hours of working, testing and coding we have finally managed to fit the XAcars flight recording software with our databases. That means all X-Plane pilots can now fly with us. Also, pilots who have had problems with FSAcars may test XAcars on their operating system if it works better.

Even flying with X-Plane has now become possible we haven not any materials to offer for X-Plane users, yet. We are currently planning release dates for these materials.

Tiedotus / Virtual Blue1


10.03.2011 - Monthly Report: February 2011

In February 2011, we operated total of 200 flights with 345 flying hours and 24 minutes. We also broke the previous monthly record from October 2010 when we operated 199 flights. However, in October 2010 we had about nineteen flying hours more.

Our operations will continue active throughout the spring. We are already planning our next pilot recruiting. So, stay tuned!

Tiedotus / Virtual Blue1


04.02.2011 - Monthy Report: January 2011

January 2011 was very active especially on the IVAO network.IVAO Crowded Skies 2011 event was held during the first week of 2011 and it took the pilots to attempt a new record on the IVAO. 22th January we had Finnish Airline Operations Day on the IVAO. All major Finnish virtual airlines, Virtual Blue1, Virtual Finnair and Virtual Finncomm were represented. We had a lot of traffic and controls online during event. Virtual Blue1 was excellently involved in the event.

During January total of 162 flights were flown, 300 hours and 6 minutes. Our pilot and administrator Pekka Vuori broke the 500 hours limit and he was promoted to captain. We also had recruiting and took 20 new pilots into our company. Over half of them have already completed the basic training course and many of them have completed type training, too.

Virtual Blue1 certified ATR-72-500 aircraft type to offical type. Operated by Swedish Golden Air Flyg, our pilots may now also choose ATR-72-500 to their main aircraft type. New materials for ATR-72-500 are almost completed.

Tiedotus / Virtual Blue1


23.01.2011 - Pekka Vuori has been promoted to Captain

Virtual Blue1 pilot, Pekka Vuori has been today promoted to captain. Over 500 hours of experience and as an administrator of our virtual airline, Vuori flies Avro RJ85 aircrafts and Boeing 717-200 aircrafts.

Virtual Blue1 would like to congratulate and wishes nice flights in future!

Tiedotus / Virtual Blue1


17.01.2011 - X-Plane - Virtual Blue1's New Pilot Project

Yesterday our lastest recruiting was closed. Two new pilots, who use X-Plane simulator, developed by Laminar Research, were accepted. Virtual Blue1 has started research if is it possible to fly our flights by X-Plane. Since we were established, only flights by Microsoft's Flight Simulator series have been supported. Our mission is put Virtual Blue1's systems and X-Plane somehow together.

Virtual Blue1 will inform about the project as soon as we have more to tell.

Tiedotus / Virtual Blue1


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